The Burbank Barber was established in March of 2016. Angel Orellana began his journey as a barber in 2001 from his own bedroom working his way up to his own shop. The shop reflects the style, attitude and temperament of not only Angel, but all the barbers at the shop.

Providing clients with the best service, experience and haircut is the intention of all our barbers. It was also the inspiration of opening the shop. This will continue to drive The Burbank Barber, and in the process clients will receive an unparalleled barbering experience.

If you would like to book an appointment, don't hesitate to call us at The Shop: (818) 736-5955. We will do our best to accomodate you, earn your business, your trust, and keep it.

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    9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
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    9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
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    9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
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    9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
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    9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
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    6:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Skin Fade W/ Part
Low Fade W/ Beard
Regular Fade w/ Textured Top
Tapered Sides and Beard Trim
Skin Tight Fade
Regular Men's Cut
Side Part
Skin Fade & Beard
Skin Fade & Side Part
Slick Back W/ Skin Fade


  • Gone are days when I entered any Floyd's barbershop for a cut. For years I rocked the same hairdo out of fear that no one could get my hair cut right. I thought about growing out my hair, but if the majority of Floyd's barbers had a hard time keeping my current 'do consistent, then how would I keep a new 'do looking right. Hair is important and nobody wants to rock a bad cut.

    I knew that the importance of finding a reliable and skilled barber was a top priority that I had been putting off.

    I met Angel one day on a walk-in at his previous location. And I tell you my yelpers, my search for the right barber ended that day. I was immediately impressed during our first meeting. He was well groomed, as all barbers should be. Moreover, his space was neat and organized. Over the next few months I got to see Angel's clients rock dope hairdos in and out the shop, which motivated me to take a chance and make a change.

    Once I was ready to take the leap, with some input, I asked what haircut best suits me and what product to use. He confidently suggested one that fits my face shape and structure, as well as my hair texture. The Burbank Barber has become my hair guardian Angel. The flavor God of my hair.

    I've transitioned from the same 2 all around with a taper on the sides and back, to a year in the making, undercut with a disconnected skin fade. Not the easiest cut, but I've had several compliments with my hairstyle, and have recommended him to my friends.

    Almost two years later and there's only one person that cuts my hair, and that's Angel, the Burbank Barber.
    Charles A. - Yelp
  • The old saying goes, "There are three things a man needs in his life, a good tailor, a good bartender, and a good barber." I found Angel by accident about a year ago and I've been going to him ever since. The guy has amazing skills, which is evident by the large following of customers that made the move with him to his new shop. He also has an awesome name.

    The shop has a great feel and look to it. The shop is still an evolving vision and I'm eager to find out how it'll all come out. If you get your hair cut at Supercuts, at the mall, or don't care who cuts your hair, then this isn't the shop for you. But if you're in the market for a lifetime barber, then he's your guy.
    Angel M. - Yelp
  • I've been going to Angel for haircuts since last year back when he was still at Oscars barber shop. I saw he had good reviews so I requested for him and have been getting cuts from only him ever since. He's extremely masterful at his craft and I've never walked away not satisfied. He's a no nonsense barber. Tell him what you want and he'll make it happen.

    -Aesthetic 5/5 The place looks great. The vibe is real cool. A mix between modern and old school. Has great background music and a nice environment.

    -Skill 5/5 Like I said. I've never walked away dissatisfied. What's great about Angel is you tell him what you want and he'll do it. Simple as that. But he'll input his own opinion and tell you what looks good and what looks better. And that in my opinion is what separates an average barber from an expert.

    -Service 5/5 Angel I feel likes to develop a personal relationship with his clients. He's quick to reply when I book an appointment. He's a good conversationalist so you're definitely not bored during the session. He's also added new services (Hot towel and hair wash) which weren't offered where he previously was.

    -Overall 5/5 You definitely cannot go wrong with this place. It hits all the points that make a great barber shop. Great environment and expert service. Plus there's parking right around the corner.

    It's also good to note that this place is a little pricey. But in all honesty. Would you rather pay extra and be assured that you will have a quality haircut or pay less and walk away feeling they could've done a better job? In my opinion, I don't mind paying a little extra if I'm guaranteed quality service.

    I'm definitely not switching barbers anytime soon.
    Jared V. - Yelp
  • Angel has been cutting my hair for almost about a year! His skills are so precise, he pays attention to detail, and he makes you feel at home. I always look forward to getting my cut from Angel! I come in sit back, chat about life, and get cut at the same time. It's assuring to know that you're getting a quality cut. From my past experiences with other barbers I've always been anxiously waiting while getting cut to see the end result. With Angel you always know your cut will be on point. Angel has always been able to fill me in for an appointment. I appreciate the flexibility he has for me and his customers! If you're looking for the best cut "theburbankbarber"' is the place to go!!!!! "It's not just a haircut" believe me, go see for yourself and find out.
    Emjay D. - Yelp


Angel Orellana
The Burbank Barber
The Burbank Barber, Angel Orellana, is a vintage design barber that specializes in both classic hairstyles and the latest trends.

Dee Orellana
Members Only Curator
Members Only Curator, Dee Orellana, puts the finishing touches on our clientele. Services provided are for members only.

James Dahlia
James is a 4th generation Burbank resident. His grandfather was a barber in Burbank over 40 years. He grew up in barbershop and it is only fitting for him to be a barber at The Burbank Barber.